Final checkin

Well , its been a few weeks since I wrote a blog as its been a busy time at work,etc.  However, the plants are all growing well and I am hoping for a good crop of tomatoes, spring onions, chard, chillies and aubergine.  

  1. overall, the ikea experience has been positive and it has certainty given me the confidence to have a go at growing a range of different foods. I had my first bowl of strawberries the other day.

I have also become more confident at using waste material creatively and have a freezer full if left over food – good homemade ready meals. 

My cupboards are also tidier and the waste storage for recycling has helped encourage me to recycle more efficiently.


Growing more of our own food in our tiny garden.

I have worked hard to get my window boxes in order in the past but haven’t had much success growing veg.  Now that I have a good supply of salad leaves I am going to try growing spring onions, beetroot and tomatoes. I hope I don’t get too distracted when I get back to school! I will start them off using the lights and transfer them outside when it gets a little warmer. 

 I would also like to try growing potatoes using the two plant pot idea someone put on the group page but may have left it a bit late.

Hope I can grow some good quality food this year.

Getting ready for the summer!

Just spent 3 days working on the garden getting ready for the summer – I am looking forward to sitting out in it when it gets warmer again.  Will be potting out the plants we have been growing soon so hope to grow our own tomatoes, etc, this year.  Not buying any salad leaves now as we seem to have enough growing at last, though I do need to start some more off soon. 

Back on track

Well it’s all growing again and we eaten a few leaves on our last few salads. Our window boxes are looking good this spring as well thanks to the ikea fertiliser!😁

Disaster! Look what happened when I went away for a week.

After a week of food at the ski youth hostel I was looking forward to salads but! I had watered the plants and put in the correct amount of feed but hadn’t put the lights on. Maybe it was too cold + no lights.  Will be starting again and planting on some that were in pots on the side which seemed to survive. Not sure what has happened. Does anyone have any ideas?